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Meditating With Crystal Crowns

Looking to open your crown chakra and overcome your spiritual plateau? Consider using a crystal crown to guide you on your meditation. We absolutely love wearing them while doing yoga or meditation to assist in grounding and opening our chakras.

If you are curious about what crystal crown is best for you and are unsure which is best, we are going to share some of our favorites that we use to meditate and how to use them. Its so rewarding when you finally feel the energies!


Why Crystal Crowns?

As we mentioned, Crystal Crowns can aid in opening your crown chakra and aid in experiencing the cosmic vibrations. Each Crystal Crown has its own metaphysical properties and energies, which can assist in cleansing and grounding your aura.

The right Crystal Crown can help you push past that plateau you've been stuck on or for beginners it will allow you to reach a peace you did not know was possible. Plus they are super cute and so of course we love them!


How to Pick Your Crystal Crown

We believe the right crystal crown will choose you based on your intent and energy. This is because your energies and vibrations give off your true intentions more than your brain does. Just pick what feels right.

Is there a certain crystal crown that caught your eye and you keep going back to? That is the one calling out for you! Just go with your gut and don't think about it.

See a few that you cant decide between? Reflect on what your intentions are and your goals and revisit your selections. The right crystal crown will call to you.

No matter your energy or path, there's a crystal crown for it! Find a crown made with crystals that have the properties you seek and customize it however you want if you cant find one you like.


Our Top 3 Crystal Crowns For Meditation

If still undecided of what crystal crown you want, here is a few of our favorites that we consider to be the best for meditation and are good for all energy types.



Clear Quartz is a favorite. Its so versatile and it has a direct connection to the crown chakra. What a better crystal to wear a crown?

A Clear Quartz Crown has the ability to cleanse and re-balance your chakras, making it an excellent alignment stone for your other crystals.

If you're unsure of how you feel and just want to overall feel better, a Clear Quartz Crystal Crown is a no brainer!




Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra and is one of the best crystals to improve meditation. With intuition building properties, Amethyst is sure to increase your introspection.

Amethyst Crowns are also great for relieving stress and promoting an inner healing and cleansing vibe.

If you want to achieve an eye opening state of meditation then the Amethyst Crown is perfect for you.


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. Connected to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz gives us compassion and feelings of unconditional love.

Rose Quartz Crystal Crowns are a great meditation guide when looking to improve self love or work on a difficult relationship.

Crystal Crowns made with Rose Quartz are very good at uncovering your hearts true intentions and bringing you to a peaceful place.


How To Meditate with Crystal Crowns

Meditating with Crystal Crowns is super simple! Don't be worried or anxious about doing it wrong because that's just not possible if you follow these simple steps.


Set Your Intention

We always recommend setting your intentions when wearing any new crystal crowns or crystal accessories. This is just thinking about your goals and what you hope you achieve. When meditating with a crystal crown just reflect on what your intentions are and how you hope to align them with the crystal crowns energies.


Pick Your Crown

Now that you know what your intention is, you are ready to select your crown! Remember the one that was calling to you? Yep that's the one! Or if undecided you can google different crystals to learn about their metaphysical properties.

Cleanse Your Crystal Crown

One of our favorite was to cleanse our crystal crowns is to place them out under the sunrise. We find it brings a rejuvenating energy for us, for others moonlight may be best!

You can also use sage or quartz to cleanse their energies.


Place and Focus on the Crystal Crown

Now you're ready to meditate! Simply place the Crystal Crown atop your head to where it feels most secure. Close your eyes and focus on the crystal crown and the crystals energies. Visualize the energy transferring through your crown chakra and down to your other chakras slowly cleansing them along the way.

Continue to focus throughout your meditation and try to not let your mind wander. Always remember to keep your intentions at the forefront of your thoughts.

The process is different for everyone so don't think you got it wrong, just keep practicing!

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