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Must Haves for Your Special Event!

Must Haves for Your Special Event!

All special events, whether it is prom, a wedding, or even graduation, can be a stressful time. Why not make those days a little easier by preparing your own ‘survival bag’ of sorts? These everyday items are an absolute must have for any special event!


No matter what anyone tells you, you can never have enough Bobby-Pins! They fall out, they get loose, they get lost, they move around in your hair, the list goes on. BUT by keeping a few spares on you, you can always save the day! When your perfect hairdo that took hours to fix into place starts falling loose from dancing/sweating- you'll have a spare to fix it! Your friend who has beautiful curly hair that blew up from humidity? Throw some twists and Bobby-pin into place to recreate an alternate do or hold it somewhat in place. 


Without fail, those cute shoes you bought for this special occasion are going to give you blisters. Always bring a few band-aids to stop the friction before it happens, or ease the pain after it's too late. Everyone knows what it is like to have shoes that rub the wrong way that it hurts to walk- This is your special day! It is supposed to be a day to remember for the good memories- NOT for how you hobbled around the dance floor in agony all night because you didn't bring band-aids. 

Sewing Kit

This will come in handy for a number of reasons- the safety pins, the thread and needle and mini-scissors. Inevitably someone will rip something, or break a zipper/button (Hopefully not you). A sewing kit is small enough to carry in a clutch or small bag and could literally save the day for someone. 


Special events, no matter what it is- weddings, proms, graduations, even festivals- always have that one person who cries. Okay, maybe not so much at a festival, but tissues could definitely still come in handy! 

Small Snack

Whether you are the bride, a member of the bridal party, going to prom, graduating or whatever your special event may be- bring a small high protein snack such as a granola bar. Everyone always forgets to eat when they are busy with a special event- and there is no better way to ruin it, than fainting from hunger or getting a headache. Or if you do make a point to eat before your special event, you'll at least have a backup in case the food served sucks until you can escape!