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This Years Top 5 Wedding Trends

This Years Top 5 Wedding Trends

outdoor wedding trends 2020

Get Outside!

This year's biggest trend? Outdoor venues. With everything going on in the world, more people are choosing to have their weddings outside this year. Not only are you professing your love for each other surrounded by the beauty of nature, but you can more easily social distance outdoors as well! 

 recycled wedding ideas

Recycled and Organic Materials

This trend is also growing super fast AND has a good environmental impact as well! More people are opting to have recycled items found from thrift shops to help fill their wedding spaces, such as reusing older furniture as pews/seating, recycling jars and glass bottles as centerpieces and decorations, etc. Why buy new items you will end up throwing away, when you can re-purpose something older, that no other bride will have? Silk table cloths? No thank you, cotton is more sturdy and pliable, plus can be reused later on or donated (plus it is easier to clean!). 

simple unique wedding ideas

Simple, BUT Unique

With all the tiny details that goes into planning a wedding, why not keep it as easy as possible? By keeping things simple, you keep wedding planning as stress-free as possible! Have simple place settings, with unique place holders, such as shells or stones. Have family and loved ones take photos during the reception and create your own hash-tags to view multiple perspective candid photos, and not just professional staged photos. Have smaller centerpieces with simple tea-candle lighting for a more intimate feel. There really is no limit on simplification!

Bold Natural Colors

This year's biggest colors are those found in nature! What looks better in your simple outdoor wedding than other natural colors? This year colors such as Dusty Rose, Terracotta, Sage Green, Light Beige, and varying shade of gray are super popular. 

Goodbye Veils, Hello Tiaras and Jewels

This wedding season's latest trend- Unique head-wear! No more floor dragging princess veils that the Maid of Honor struggles  to keep fluffed throughout the ceremony, that later ruins your perfect hair when removed before the reception- opt for a crown or headpiece instead! You won't have to remove it to enjoy your reception, and it will add a unique style to your special day!